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Connecticut is a sports crazy state that loves its UCONN Huskies, male and female, loves its Bridgeport bluefish, Fairfield University….but Connecticut lacks and yearns for a platform to see and hear national icons and legends right in their own backyard.  When national theatre shows and concerts have come to Connecticut, they have done extremely well, from L.L. Cool J to Cher… 

But one cannot forget Connecticut's disappointment when the New England Patriots declined the chance to make the Nutmeg State its home.  Connecticut fields no major league teams in any of the four major sports; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.  Big Time Boxing has its roots in New York and Las Vegas.

That all said and done, Connecticut stills adores stars and legends of the sports and entertainment worlds, therefore it only makes sense to unify Connecticut's enthusiastic sports thirsty fans with their heroes.

The sports world like the real world is diverse and multicultural.  Fairfield county is no different.  There is a diverse audience that wishes to support diverse entertainment.  The sports/entertainment combination is not only time tested, but still has deep pockets of untapped resources and is seriously marketed and promoted.

Remember, nobody thought the ". com" era would work, try telling that to Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

No one thought ESPN, a 24 hour cable station would work, now look at ESPN, initially based in Connecticut, now the most powerful network in television.

All it takes is people with purpose, vision, and the desire to reach for the moon, therefore if one were to fall short, one would end up with a star.

Jim Brown - Unplugged!!!

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Jim Brown one the most socially significant men of our time along with being the greatest  football player of all time sits down with dynamic host, Bobby Ramos.

This no holds barred give and take is reminiscent of Jim Brown ‘barreling’ into the pile on 3rd and 1. 

This enlightening, entertaining, and exciting foray into Brown’s life is not simply a sports biopic but a wild and  passionate look at the recent history of our society.

Icons, legends, heroes and goats all have one thing in common; they were friends or foes of  Jim Brown.  Marvin Gaye, Muhammad Ali, Johnnie Cochran, Al Pacino, Malcolm X, Jamie Foxx, Howard Cosell, Bobby  Knight, Mike Ditka, Ray Lewis, O.J. Simpson …., they are all inspected, dissected but never neglected!


Buckle your chin strap and enjoy the ride, because it’s your show and mine, Bobby Ramos Bottom Line!!!

Bobby with Michael Vick Bobby with 50 Cent
Bobby and Jerry West Bobby and Lou Carnesseca
Bobby and Cal Murphy Bobby with Geno Aurriemma
Bobby and Dwight "Doc" Gooden Bobby with Shaq at Madison Square Garden
Bobby with Magic Johnson at the '10 NBA Finals Bobby with Oscar Robertson
Bobby and Dr. Andrew Young Bobby and Tony Dungy
Bobby with Lou Gossett Jr. Bobby with Walt "Clyde" Frazier
Bobby with Pete Rose Bobby with the lovely and talented Kenya Moore
Lil' Bobby, big Bobby & Daryle Strawberry Bobby with Rod Carew
Hulk Hogan and Bobby Jim Calhoun and Bobby
Roy White and Bobby Angelo Dundee and Bobby
Mark Gastineau and Bobby Bobby and Mrs. Rachel (Jackie) Robinson
Don King and Bobby Bobby and Gary Sheffield
USA '68 Olympian Tommie Smith and Bobby Bobby and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo
The late Jack Kemp and Bobby Bobby with the Lakers' James Worthy
Bobby at the NBA Finals Bobby enjoys some face time with Celtics Satch Sanders & Dominique Wilkens

The Dream Team

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By Dave Zirin, John Wesley Carlos and Cornel West

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By Dr. Cornelius West

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By Tom Penders

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Bobby and Shaq

 Sun. 7-9p.m.

The most talked about and controversial sports talk radio show in Connecticut.

The Bottom Line movie was fascinating to watch.  Your passion jumps off the screen as does your desire to get it right.  Jim Brown is not an easy subject to interview, but you handled it with confidence and ease.

Brown showed you great respect, and the exchanges were faux – testy and interesting to see. 

Warmest regards,
Jim Nantz

“Like the NFL and Raquel Welch, Bobby Ramos brings out the best in Jim Brown. The rapport he shares with the football giant, his refusal to back down, and the topics he broaches enable viewers to see Brown as we’d love to see every celebrity – raw and uncut. Addressing everything from politics to football, presenting opinions on everyone from George W. Bush to Kobe Bryant, Brown and Ramos make this a must-see interview for all true fans of sports and history.’’

Chris Broussard
ESPN The Magazine

Bobby at ESPN

Bobby and Lonnie Ali

Dave Winfield and Bobby

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